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We can purpose three different ranges of hydraulic lifting winches to meet all types of needs.

  • SERIES TN/MW : Compact and lightweight to mount even on an arrow crane arm (e.g. auxiliary crane on truck). These winches are also available in marine design, MW series
  • TMV SERIES: "Heavy" version particularly suitable and economical for any use without space constraint (e.g. drilling machine)
  • TME SERIES : Heavy Duty Fast version. Designed for machines using the technique of hauling (e.g. mobile crane)

With orbital or piston motor, the gears are planetary gear into the drum. Our winches are therefore compact and efficient. They can be integrate in various types of machines and are suitable for medium or high hydraulic pressure. The load is controlled by a multi-disc failsafe brake statically and dynamically by a counterbalance valve flanged directly to the hydraulic motor. These winches are available from 0.5T to 14T.

Tested individually, the TN / MW, TMV and TME winches are delivered with a certificate of conformity.


Load limiter - Last wraps switch (Down limit switch) - Pressure Roller Cam Limit switch (available on some models) - Down limit switch - High limit switch - Drum threaded - Marine Protection - Stainless steel construction - spooler - All types of wires and lifting accessories - Test according to BV, DNV, RINA ...


We can design, manufacture and modify our winches to meet all your specifications or dimensions and particular constraints of use.

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